Terms of Service

Quality Expectations

We would never deliver a table that we wouldn't be happy to have ourselves!

Everyone's expectation of rustic charm is different, so before making a decision to purchase its important that you consider that each of our handmade items are unique in their rustic features.

Your table will have an individual natural grain and pattern in the wood which may include dents, scratches, minor splits, knots, missing knots and uneven surfaces. We try to enhance these features and select planks that work well together to create character.

Your rustic farmhouse table may have some of the following characterful traits:

  • Dents and scratches that are original to the piece of timber

  • Small missing knots of wood

  • Splits that do not interfere with the function of the piece. These can be present on arrival or can develop over time.

  • Minor discolouration that is original to the piece of timber.

  • Uneven surfaces from the natural cupping of the timber.

  • Minor gapping off up to several mm between planks at certain times of year if/when the wood shrinks.

  • Lips between planks where one may be slightly higher than the next. These usually develop over time and are part of normal movement.

  • You may find that you need to pop a felt pad under a leg to rectify a wobble if slight movement occurs.

Due to the handmade nature of our furniture you will not find factory precision, but you will find care and attention to detail. All elements of the production process are done by hand, from cutting and sanding to painting and waxing.

On occasion we may need to slightly sand one or two feet on a table or bench after it has been built to ensure the items sits flat. This is to compensate for slight unevenness from the plank tops which can affect the table once the tops are joined up with the base frame.

The underside central area between the table frame is not waxed, only the outer edges up to the skirt.

The tabletop planks and table frame are joined using pocket hole screws and are not glued.

Our sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

Due to the nature of the wood used, the final finishes may vary from photos online or samples we send out, but we will always do our best a get a good match.

We will not accept returns, make alterations, or offer refunds due to issues arising from the customer's personal preference on wood grain, colour or any other character of the wood.

General Care

Natural wood products are susceptible to movement and change with changes in the environment in which they are kept. We take precautions in our build to avoid unwanted warping, but avoiding certain environmental factors could help to avoid unwanted movement.

Very warm / dry conditions reduce moisture content and could lead to cracking and movement. Consider table placement in proximity to radiators, underfloor heating set to high temperatures and direct strong sunlight such as conservatories.

Care should be taken to avoid fast changes in environment. We can’t take responsibility should the piece react to the heat and/or humidity of your own environment.

Do not store your table or bench in a damp or cold space such as a garage or shed as this may lead to movement due to the moisture levels and temperature.


You can change or cancel your order within 5 days of order acceptance. Let us know as soon as possible by telephone or via the enquiry form.


We take great pride in our products and want you to have the best service experience possible. We want you to be able to enjoy a product that meets your expectations.

In the unlikely scenario that your table has developed a fault we will endeavour to repair or replace your table as soon as possible.

If a fault is deemed to be irrevocable we will issue a full refund upon return of the item.

Minor faults such as scratched paintwork that can be remedied quickly will be rectified by a repair package being sent via mail. In such scenarios there is no option to return goods.


Each table is custom made to your specifications and we cannot accept returns after delivery unless your table is irrevocably faulty.

Please ensure you have read our Quality Expectation to satisfy yourself that the item you have ordered is what you are looking for.